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Need to quickly understand how much your road tax cost will increase (or decrease!) over the next few years? Look no further, all the info you need on car road tax bands and prices is here. For a full list of new cars that are currently FREE to tax click here.  Alternatively, a few of the cars in road tax bands A to C are listed below - you can get a full list of cars by tax band by clicking 'more' below the new car list. For our guide to tax on older/used cars click here: Used Car Road Tax.


For a list of low-emission cars with the highest Miles Per Gallon (MPG) figures click here: High MPG Cars; for all the information on current UK road tax prices, effective from the budget 2016 update, click here: Road Tax Prices 2016, or for an explanation of the road tax UK bandings click here: Road Tax Bands. Find us on Google+.


Click here for our guide to the cheapest cars to tax and insure or click here to read our insurance groups explained article.

Car Insurance Groups Explained

The cost of car insurance is intrinsically linked to Car Insurance Groups. Owning a car in the UK with a lower insurance group is a pretty sure fire way of reducing your annual car insurance premium....(more)


Congestion Charge Exemption

Hybrid, electric and alternative fuel cars and vehicles are totally exempt from the London £8 Congestion Charge. Hybrids such as the Toyota Prius allied to electric and LPG fuelled cars...(more)

Congestion Charge

Road Tax Prices UK: Articles

Cheapest Cars To Tax And Insure

If you're looking for a car with cheaper running costs, one way to do this is to ensure you pick a model which has low emissions and a low car insurance group - here's a list...(more)

Car Insurance Green Cars

Great news if you're looking to buy a low emission car as Go Compare now compare all 3 'green' insurance brands: I Buy Eco, The Co-Operative and The Green Insurance Company...(more)

Low Tax And Insurance

Cars registered after that date have been split into 13 bands from May 2009 based on emissions: cars in band A are greener (and cheaper to tax) than tax band M, therefore the lower the emissions, the cheaper the car tax bracket. You'll find your car’s co2 emission data on your DLVA v5c Certificate - (see below).
Cars registered in the UK on or after March 1st 2001 are taxed according to their emissions; for cars registered before that date there's one road tax cost for engines up to 1549cc and another group for those over 1550cc.
Cars registered before March 2001 aren't subject to the car tax prices and bands quoted here; this is because there is no accurate emissions data available for these cars. Instead, road tax for cars is priced based on engine size (from April 2016):


Up to 1549 cc:   £145

1550 cc +:        £235

New Car Insurance


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Lowest Tax By Type

Band A - Up to 100 Co2 g/km

Standard Cost
Tax Band A: Free
    6 Months: Free   

12 Months: Free


Standard Cost
    6 Months: n/a   

12 Months: £20

First Year Cost


Band B - Up to 110 Co2 g/km

Tax Band B: Free

Band C - Up to 120 Co2 g/km

Standard Cost
    6 Months: n/a   

12 Months: £30

Ford Mondeo ECOnetic


First Year Cost
Tax Band C: Free
Find the cheapest 4x4s to tax in the UK in 2016
Car Tax BMW X3


Find the cheapest new cars to tax and insure in the UK in 2016 - here's a few of the most popular:


Find the latest 2016 new cars with the highest Miles Per Gallon - here's some popular models to get you started:

Car Tax VW Bluemotion
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