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Cheapest BMW X1 Insurance Quote 2011/2012


Ask yourself this: are you getting the best car insurance price possible? After all there are over 160 car insurers on comparison websites alone plus other huge brands that you have to get a quote from direct. So which comparison sites and direct insurer sites should you actually use to get the best deal in the quickest time? The key is that comparison sites don't all compare the same insurers, so the best strategy is to combine a number of them to maximise the chances of getting the cheapest quote available. We have carried out in-depth research that provides the optimum order to help get you quotes from over 140 insurers and brokers – that’s an incredible 80% of UK car insurers available on comparison websites in only 15 minutes.


Go Compare                                     Get a quote from Go Compare here          Avg Quote Time = 5 minutes


99%** of people could save on their car insurance in only 5 minutes with Go Compare. They compare car insurance prices from a panel of over 125 brokers and direct insurers. Using Go Compare alone covers over 70% of insurers available on comparison websites.


                                          Get a quote from Compare The Market here       Avg Quote Time = 5 minutes


By combining Compare the Market with Go Compare you have covered a whopping 79% of the insurers available on comparison sites in just 10 minutes! Compare The Market’s panel of 80 insurers add some of the UK’s largest car insurance brands into the overall search and it only takes another 5 minutes.


Go Compare                                       Get a quote from Tesco Compare here             Avg Quote Time = 5 minutes


Tesco Compare has a panel of over 65 car insurers and brokers. Adding Tesco Compare to the process takes you over 80% of the total. What's more, you'll also receive 12 months Key Recovery Service free when a new car insurance policy is purchased via Tesco Compare!


Be sure you have the cheapest price - run a quote with Direct Line

Finally you won’t find the UK’s Number 1 car insurers Direct Line (click here for a quote) on any comparison websites. Fact is, if you don’t run a quote from them you can’t guarantee the cheapest price for your car insurance.


It’s also important to note the excellent level of cover and benefits Direct Line are currently offering. As you'd expect, they offer an excellent no claims discount to reward the safest drivers.


With 1 in 20 drivers still uninsured in the UK, Direct Line also offer priceless uninsured driver cover as standard on comprehensive policies. So to be certain of the best car insurance deal click here for a quote: Direct Line Car Insurance


* Insurance Quotes facilitated through Compare the Market on 10th August 2011. Prices based around a 37 year old male and female office administrator living in Derby, Derbyshire. Said individuals are married, homeowners, with children and no driving offences or accidents in the past 5 years. They drive 10,000 miles per annum with the purpose of Social, Domestic & Commuting and have 5 years no claims bonus. The quotes are also based around a £295 Voluntary Excess, without No Claims Bonus Protection. Premium includes Legal Protection. Prices quoted are for indicative purposes only; insurance prices vary based on individual circumstances. ** Based on independent research by Consumer Intelligence during 1st February 2012 to 29th February 2012.

BMW X1 Insurance Group


If you're looking for cheap BMW X1 car insurance quotes then look no further. Whether you are looking to purchase a BMW X1 and want to find out how much you are likely to pay in car insurance, or want to renew your existing policy, it's worth reading the information below as we highlight the optimum comparison website order for the cheapest quote possible.


BMW X1 Insurance Group & Statistics

BMW X1 Car Insurance

Model: BMW X1

Trims: SE, M Sport

Engines: Diesel: 2.0 Di 140PS, 174PS, 201PS

BMW X1 Retail Prices: £24,265 to £31,245

Insurance Groups: 22-26


The BMW X1 is BMW’s entrant in the ever competitive crossover market. It adds a prestige angle to the class an upmarket Nissan Qashqai or MINI Countryman (naturally part of the BMW Group) if you like. The X1 only comes with a 2.0 litre direct rail diesel powerplant that comes in 18, 20 and 23 power output guises. Handling is great for a crossover and comes with masses of standard kit. The X1 is extremely keenly priced in this highly competitive crossover market. It actually comes in over £8k cheaper than the fully fledged X3 4x4. The X1 is available in SDrive (2 wheel drive) and xDrive (4 wheel drive) formats and boot-space is a family friendly 1350 litres. The X1 has rock solid BMW residuals, and has impressive economy figures as high as 54.3 MPG and car tax that can be £130 per year Road Tax Band E for the 1.8d sDrive variants.


The cost of car insurance is intrinsically linked to Car Insurance Groups which run from 1 to 50. The BMW X1 range is covered within Insurance Groups 22-26. The simple rule is, the lower the insurance group number the better. For more info on insurance groups read insurance groups explained or click here for a list of cheap cars to insure.

BMW X1 Insurance Quotes


Below are two typical insurance quotes for the BMW X1 2.0 run through Compare The Market. Sue and Greg are the same age, have exactly the same circumstances and live in the same street.


Sue’s Quote: £594*

Greg’s Quote: £608*

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