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Crossover Cars Compared


The introduction of the Nissan Qashqai revolutionised the UK car market in 2007 in a similar fashion to the launch of the original BMC Mini back in 1959. Never before had we seen a Crossover (Crossover Utility Vehicle - CUV - to be precise), with 4x4 looks, size and appeal, but based on a genuine car platform with family practicality and lower running costs. Built in Sunderland, the Nissan Qashqai was an immediate success with 17,000 sold in the UK alone in its first full 12 months of production. Fast forward to 2014 and the Crossover market is now packed with models from virtually every leading manufacturer across luxury, mid-range and budget brands. From Audi to Volvo there's a Crossover model that could be right for you. So where to start? Well our Crossover Comparison page gives you a list of the very latest 2014 model and trim specifications - featuring lowest road tax/company car tax examples. This is a great place to start your research whether you are in the market to buy or lease a new car or simply want to research models that will soon be available in the nearly new marketplace.




Crossover Cars Available in the UK 2014


With so much choice, where exactly do you start? Well lets walk through the class of 2014 in price terms. The new Dacia Duster offers family friendly space and starts at circa £9,000. The Dacia's price point and associated value becomes apparent when you see that the next cheapest crossover, which is currently the Suzuki SX4, starts at around £12,500. Mainstream mid-range crossovers tend to start at £15,000 where you will find the uniquely styled and small sized Nissan Juke which, like the Qashqai, set a trend in 2010 when it became the standard bearing 'mini-Crossover'. The Juke has been joined by the Skoda Yeti and MINI Countryman in this burgeoning sub-class with the Renault Rapture and Peugeot 2008 set to join the party in the summer of 2014. Interestingly these models also feature lower levels of road tax and associated company car tax on the plus side of ownership.


Full-size Crossovers now start at the circa £16,000 price point. The Nissan Qashqai is still the best-selling Crossover and regularly sits in the top 10 best selling new cars in the UK. It's adapted to fierce competition and the latest 1.6 dCI diesel engine models sit in Road Tax Band C, meaning free road tax for the first 12 months and £30 per annum at current levels. The associated 17% company car tax is also highly attractive. The Peugeot 3008, Kia Sportage and Ford Kuga are the Qashqai's main mid-range challengers, although the new Kuga comes in at a starting price of over £20,000. The Kia is a fantastically stylish looking Crossover which highlights the massive strides being made by the South Korean manufacturers. The Peugeot 3008 launched in 2009 and won WhatCar? Car of the Year in 2010 and Crossover of the Year 2011. The 3008 also has a Diesel Hybrid variant which sits in Road Tax Band A delivering free road tax and a brilliant 13% company car tax rate.


The products of the higher-end manufacturers start at circa £20,000 with Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Volkswagen and Volvo all represented. Of these, the Volvo XC60 is the most popular and has sold well in the UK since its launch in 2008. It's Volvo's best selling model and is well respected in the school car park. The Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Volkswagen Tiguan are newer designs and less well known on our roads mainly because they suffer when compared to their bigger full 4x4 brothers namely the Q7, X5 and Touareg. Who wants a luxury Crossover version when the full 4x4 has better image credentials?! However the Range Rover Evoque certainly doesn't suffer from the 'mine's bigger than yours' image problem. The Evoque was launched in the summer of 2011 to massive motor journalist acclaim and this funky, stylish design, which includes a much desired Coupe variant, has been welcomed with open arms in the UK.


So what about fuel economy in these days of austerity? Well the most economic Nissan Qashqai can achieve an official figure of 60+ miles to the gallon. That's impressive when combined with it's high levels of family practicality. The diesel engine MINI Countryman, BMW X1 and Skoda Yeti variants also achieve this milestone, but the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid has a an official government MPG figure of 74+ miles and can be driven for free within the London Congestion Zone.



Cheapest Crossovers To Tax


Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), commonly known as road tax or car tax, is based upon the co2 emissions a car generates whilst driving and this structure incorporates both new cars registered in 2014 and used cars registered on or after 1st March 2001. The amounts payable per annum vary with lower emission Crossover cars benefiting from free or low road tax prices. The Crossover cars listed on our comparison page range from road tax bands A through to J.


In terms of traditionally-powered Crossover cars, diesel engines are cleaner and far more economic. It's important to not be put off by the old image of a diesel engine as the latest power plants are smooth, powerful and have instant throttle response when you need to accelerate hard. The diesel engine versions of the BMW X1, MINI Countryman, Mazda CX-5, Nissan Qashqai and Peugeot 3008 all sit within Band C of the road tax band structure. That means free road tax in the first 12 months of road use (if purchased brand new) and £30 road tax per annum thereafter at current rates. The diesel hybrid Peugeot 3008 (13% company car tax) features Band A free road tax on UK roads. Pricewise you are looking at circa £27,000 at the time of writing.


It's worth reiterating that Band C cars feature free first year road tax and then £30 annual road tax ongoing. In terms of 3 year overall running costs Band D variants of these popular Crossover models are often cheaper for motorists who drive an average amount of miles per year. That's because the initial purchasing cost and levels of depreciation on Band A or C specification variant cars can often outweigh the savings from slightly increased MPG and free VED. South-east based drivers commuting into London need to bare in mind the London Congestion Charge Exemption. If you want to know more detail about car taxation you will find both our road tax bands explained and company car tax explained articles of real use.


If you're unsure that a Crossover car will actually be perfect for you we've built a number of car type road tax pages that allow easy comparison. So you might be interested in reading through the neighbouring Family Cars 2014, Small MPV 2014 and 4x4 2014 comparison guides. They both feature the very latest low emission, low road tax cars available to purchase in the UK.


Best Crossover Car MPG plus Cheapest Cars to Tax and Insure


In these days of government cuts, increasing energy bills, never ending fuel duty rises and ever spiralling car insurance premiums, millions of UK motorists are turning to the latest Crossover cars to deliver both a practical and low cost family motoring solution. It's fact that low co2 emission Crossover cars benefit from road tax benefits plus the latest technology they can deliver 60+ miles to the gallon if you purchase the right diesel engine variant. Check out our Crossover Car MPG page for more details on the most economical Crossovers available at present.


Lowering your car insurance but maximising the insurance benefits contained within the policy is key to cost effective modern motoring. We've pulled together detailed articles highlighting how you can reduce your insurance premium so read our insurance groups explained guide. With car insurance groups running from 1 (cheapest) to 50, insurance group 1 cars offer the lowest premiums in the UK, subject to your individual circumstances of course.


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