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First Year Road Tax

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First Year Road Tax


First Year Road Tax (or 'Showroom Tax') was introduced into the UK on 1st April 2010: it is effectively the Road Tax Price you will pay in the first year only of ownership of a brand new car. The question of whether the new First Year Rate will be friend or foe depends on the emissions of the new car you buy. The tax penalises high emission cars and encourages ownership of low emission Road Tax Band A to Band D cars (for a full list of these cars read Free First Year Road Tax) which, under the new legislation, will be FREE to drive in the UK for the first year in terms of Road Tax.


We’ve summarised details for Band A to Band D below - these are the cars that qualify for FREE 1st year road tax - plus highlighted our Road Tax key cars in each band. Please note, these prices are valid from 1.4.2016 following the Chancellor's announcement at the Budget that prices would rise in line with inflation.

  Supermini Small Family Family
Band A Ford Fiesta ECOnetic VW Golf Bluemotion SS Toyota Prius Road Tax
  Ford Fiesta ECOnetic VW Golf Bluemotion S/S Toyota Prius
  CO2: First Year Road Tax: Ongoing Annual Road Tax: 
Band A Upto 100 g/km Free £0
  Supermini Small Family Compact Exec
Band B Peugeot 107 Road Tax Audi A3 Road Tax BMW 320d Road Tax
  Peugeot 107 Audi A3 1.6TDI BMW 320d ED
  CO2  First Year Road Tax:  Ongoing Annual Road Tax: 
Band B 101 - 110 g/km Free £20
  Supermini Small MPV Family
Band C Fiat 500 Road Tax Nissan Note 1.5 Road Tax VW Passat Road Tax
  Fiat 500 1.2i Nissan Note 1.5dCI VW Passat Bluemotion S/S
  CO2  First Year Road Tax: Ongoing Annual Road Tax: 
Band C         111 - 120 g/km Free £30
  MPV Crossover Compact Exec
Band D Citroen C3 Picasso Nissan Qashqai Mercedes C220 Road Tax
  Citroen C3 Picasso 1.6HDi Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dCi Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI
  CO2  First Year Road Tax: Ongoing Annual Road Tax: 
Band D         121 - 130 g/km Free £110
However for high polluting cars like Sports, Executive and 4x4s, the First Year Tax increase could run into hundreds of pounds. For example, a new Band M car registered after 1st April 2016 will be hit with a first year rate of £1,120, compared with the previous level of £405 in 2010. The remaining First Year Road Tax price bands are below:
  CO2  15/16 First Year Rate  15/16 Standard Road Tax 
Band E 131 - 140 g/km £130 £130
Band F 141 - 150 g/km £145 £145
Band G 151 - 165 g/km £185 £185
Band H 166 - 175 g/km £300 £210
Band I 176 - 185 g/km £355 £230
Band J 186 - 200 g/km £500 £270
Band K 201 - 225 g/km £650 £295
Band L 226 - 255 g/km £885 £500
Band M Above 256 g/km £1,120 £515


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