* Insurance Quotes facilitated through Go Compare on 29th December 2011. Prices based around a 39 year old male and female plumber living in Bristol. Said individuals are married, homeowners, with children and no driving offences or accidents in the past 5 years. They drive 15,000 miles per annum within a 100 mile radius and the van is left overnight in a work car park. Use of van is carriage of own goods only and they have 7 years no claims bonus. The quotes are also based around a £500 Voluntary Excess, without No Claims Bonus Protection. Premium does not include Legal Protection or Courtesy Van. Prices quoted are for indicative purposes only; insurance prices vary based on individual and business circumstances.
Cheapest Renault Trafic Van Insurance Quote 2012


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Renault Trafic Van Insurance Quote


If you are looking for cheap Renault Trafic van insurance quotes look no further. Whether you are looking to purchase a Renault Trafic Van and want to find out how much you are likely to pay in van insurance or want to renew your existing policy it's worth reading the information below. For specific information by model use the links on the left-hand side of this page or use the search bar top-right. 


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Whether you’re self employed or a large company, if vans are vital to your business and you have been with your current can insurer for more than 1 year we advise that you read our Compare Van Insurance article. 10 minutes gets you the best van insurance quote from virtually every UK van insurer.


Renault Trafic Van Insurance Group & Statistics

Model: Renault Trafic

Trims: SL27 SWB, LL29 & LH29 LWB

Engines: Diesel: 2.0 dCI 90PS & 115PS 2.5 dCI

Payload: 1092kg to 1248kg

Gross Vehicle Weight: 2770kg to 3010kg

Renault Trafic Van Retail Prices: £15,760 to £19,500

Insurance Groups: 4E to 5E




The Renault Trafic was introduced in the UK in 2001 after collaboration between GM and Renault (Trafic). It’s built in Luton and has proved to be an extremely popular in the light panel commercial van sector. There are a number of diesel engines options based around a 2.0 dCI and a 2.5 dCI platform and these are mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. The Trafic is available in Short and Long wheel base formats in combination with 2 roof heights. The Trafic van has load areas between 5.0m3 and 8.3 m3 across and can carry between 1092kg and 1248kg. 39.0 MPG is achievable on the 2.0 dCI 115PS models.


The cost of van insurance is intrinsically linked to Van Insurance Groups which run from 1 to 20. The Trafic can range is covered within Insurance Groups 4E to 5E. The simple rule is, the lower the insurance group number the better. For more information on insurance groups read our excellent article van insurance groups explained.


Typical Renault Trafic Van Insurance Quotes


Below are two typical insurance quotes for the Renault Trafic Van run through Go Compare. Sue and Greg are the same age, have exactly the same circumstances and live in the same street.


Sue’s Quote: £443*

Greg’s Quote: £456*

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