Car Tax Prices 2011/2012: Further Details

Road Tax Prices 2011/2012

Drive with free first-year road tax in 2011: VW Golf, New Ford C-Max. Lowest Road Tax 4x4: New BMW X3

The incentive for car manufacturers to produce new models in bands A-F will be massive as more and more consumers choose the greenest new cars with the cheapest running and car tax costs.


As with previous years, there's a 10% surcharge on 6-month tax disc prices, however you can only purchase 6 months' road tax on cars in Band D and upwards. Please note, Band K also includes cars that have CO2 emissions over 225g/km but were registered before 23rd March 2006.


There's even more road tax changes to consider if you're buying a brand new car in 2011 - the new 'first year rates' came into force on the 1st April 2010. Essentially there's a different rate of road tax payable (for the first year only) that differs from the table above - quite dramatically in some instances. Bands A through to D will all have FREE first year road tax, whereas the most polluting cars will attract a first year rate of up to £1,090. To find out more about the first year tax rates read our article: First Year Road Tax.


You can find the latest car models in Road Tax Groups A to E via our Tax Bands For Cars page - more and more models are falling into these lower emission brackets so, before you choose your next new or used car, be sure to check which road tax band it will fall into!

To find out which road tax band your existing car will fall into, use our guide here: Road Tax Online Check. To search this website for road tax details of a specific car, simply use - our search facility below:
For more cost-effective motoring, don't miss our articles: Highest MPG Cars | Cheapest Cars To Tax And Insure
If you drive a low emission car then you must check out Go Compare when your insurance is up for renewal. They feature all 3 insurers on their panel who offer green discounts/carbon offsetting: I Buy Eco, the Co-Operative and the Green Insurance Company. Get a free quote here: Go Compare
Budget 2011 Update - The Chancellor announced in his budget speech on the 23rd March 2011 that UK VED rates would increase by the rate of inflation only from April 2011. The new prices are detailed in the road tax table below. For more details of which cars fall into each band, simply click the band description (in blue) in the table.


Essentially the greenest bands (bands A, B & C) are remaining the same, whereas all other bands have seen a small increase. We still have 4 road tax bands with annual road tax cost of less than £110 and 2 price points of £20 and £30 per year, however road tax Band M is now up to a whopping £500 per year.


  Up To 31.3.2011 From 1.4.2011  
  Petrol/Diesel Cars Petrol/Diesel Cars  Change 
Band A - Up to 100 CO2 g/km Annual £0.00 £0.00  - 
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band B 101-110 CO2 g/km Annual £20.00 £20.00  -
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band C 111-120 CO2 g/km Annual £30.00 £30.00  -
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band D 121-130 CO2 g/km Annual £90.00 £110.00  +£5.00 
6 Months £49.50 £52.25  
Band E 131-140 CO2 g/km Annual £110.00 £130.00  +£5.00
6 Months £60.50 £63.25  
Band F 141-150 CO2 g/km Annual £130.00 £145.00  +£5.00
6 Months £68.75 £71.50  
Band G 151-165 CO2 g/km Annual £155.00 £185.00  +£10.00 
6 Months £85.25 £110.75  
Band H 166-175 CO2 g/km Annual £185.00 £200.00  +£10.00 
6 Months £99.00 £104.50  
Band I 176-185 CO2 g/km Annual £200.00 £230.00  +£10.00 
6 Months £130.00 £130.50  
Band J 186-200 CO2 g/km Annual £235.00 £270.00  +£10.00 
6 Months £129.25 £134.75  
Band K 201-225 CO2 g/km Annual £270.00 £285.00  +£15.00 
6 Months £134.75 £143.00  
Band L 226-255 CO2 g/km Annual £425.00 £500.00  +£20.00 
6 Months £233.75 £244.75  
Band M 256+ CO2 g/km Annual £435.00 £500.00  +£25.00 
6 Months £239.25 £253.00  



Road Tax Prices 2011/2012 - Additional Info

Road Tax 2011/2012. For 2012/2013 Prices Click Here: Road Tax 2012

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