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Road Tax Bands Explained

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Don’t think you necessarily have to downsize to buy a car with cheap or even FREE Road Tax. With ever-improving emission technology it’s now easy to purchase Family, MPV and even 4x4 sized cars, not just City Cars and Superminis, that sit within the lower road tax bands. A selection of cheapest cars to tax are listed below; alternatively for a list of new cars that are in car insurance groups 1-5 and the lower road tax bands, click here: cheapest cars to tax and insure.

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Road Tax Bands 2016/17

Road Tax Bands dictate the amount of duty you pay on your car in the UK. The bandings are set by the Department of Transport and are based around the level of co2 emissions a car generates whilst driving, ranging from the least polluting Band A through to the most polluting Band M. For a simple table of current prices click here. The basic rule is the less polluting your car, the less you will pay in tax - officially termed Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). For a full list of current-model Band A cars that are FREE to tax under current legislation click here: Road Tax Band A Cars.





All cars that have been registered since March 2001 sit within the current structure. Cars within Road Tax Band A are FREE from VED in the UK whereas cars in Road Tax Band M are liable for a whopping £515 per year following the 2016 budget update. Full details of the current pricing can be found in our road tax 2016 article - this includes the increase in line with inflation announced by the Chancellor at the Budget on the 16th March 2016.


All new cars registered from April 2010 are subject to a new 'First Year Rate' to reward low emission car purchasers with a free or lower first year of road tax as well as penalising purchasers of cars in higher emission road tax groups - for details read First Year Road Tax. If you want to find out how much your used car will cost to tax then read our Used Car Road Tax article.

Road Tax Bands 2016/17 Calculator - Annual Costs. For First Year Rates For Brand New Cars Click Here


Remaining road tax brackets: For high polluting cars like Sports, Performance and 4x4s, the first year increase could run into hundreds of pounds. For example, a brand new Band M car will be hit with a first year rate of £1,120 from 1st April 2016. Please note, Band K also includes cars that have CO2 emissions over 225g/km but were registered before 23rd March 2006. Click on the band description (in blue below) for more new cars in that road tax band:

New Cars By Tax Band


  Up To 31.3.2016 From 1.4.2016  
  Petrol/Diesel Cars Petrol/Diesel Cars  Change 
Band A - Up to 100 CO2 g/km Annual £0.00 £0.00  - 
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band B 101-110 CO2 g/km Annual £20.00 £20.00 -
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band C 111-120 CO2 g/km Annual £30.00 £30.00 -
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band D 121-130 CO2 g/km Annual £110.00 £110.00 -
6 Months £60.50 £60.50  
Band E 131-140 CO2 g/km Annual £130.00 £130.00 -
6 Months £71.50 £71.50  
Band F 141-150 CO2 g/km Annual £145.00 £145.00 -
6 Months £79.75 £79.75  
Band G 151-165 CO2 g/km Annual £180.00 £185.00 +£5.00
6 Months £99.00 £101.75  
Band H 166-175 CO2 g/km Annual £205.00 £210.00 +£5.00
6 Months £112.75 £115.50  
Band I 176-185 CO2 g/km Annual £225.00 £230.00  +£5.00 
6 Months £123.75 £126.50  
Band J 186-200 CO2 g/km Annual £265.00 £270.00  +£5.00 
6 Months £145.75 £148.50  
Band K 201-225 CO2 g/km Annual £290.00 £295.00  +£5.00 
6 Months £156.75 £162.25  
Band L 226-255 CO2 g/km Annual £490.00 £500.00  +£10.00 
6 Months £266.75 £275.00  
Band M 256+ CO2 g/km Annual £500.00 £515.00  +£15.00 
6 Months £275.00 £283.25  



Lowest Tax By Type

>> City Cars

>> 4x4 Cars

>> Crossover Cars

>> 7 Seat MPV Cars

>> 5 Seat MPV Cars

>> Estate Cars

>> Family Cars

>> Sml Family Cars

>> Supermini Cars

Lowest Tax By Brand

>> Alfa Romeo

>> Volvo

>> Volkswagen

>> Vauxhall

>> Toyota

>> Suzuki

>> Subaru

>> Smart

>> Skoda

>> Seat

>> Rolls Royce

>> Renault

>> Porsche

>> Peugeot

>> Nissan

>> Mitsubishi

>> Mini

>> MG

>> Mercedes

>> Mazda

>> Maserati

>> Lotus

>> Lexus

>> Land Rover

>> Lamborghini

>> Kia

>> Jeep

>> Jaguar

>> Hyundai

>> Honda

>> Ford

>> Fiat

>> Ferrari

>> Dodge

>> Daihatsu

>> Citroen

>> Chrysler

>> Chevrolet

>> Cadillac

>> BMW

>> Bentley

>> Audi

>> Aston Martin

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