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Van Tax

Van tax bands aren't based on emissions at the moment in the same way that cars are - essentially there are 2 factors for determining how much van road tax costs: when the vehicle was first registered and its 'Euro standard'. Will van VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) go the way of cars and be taxed in the future based on emissions? Watch this space, if there's any

change we'll detail it here.


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The first thing to check to determine van road tax is when your van/LGV was registered - you'll find this on your registration document. If it was before March 2001 then the price you pay is based on engine size:

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You can check the Euro rating of your vehicle using the VCA website - click here to go directly to the correct page

For vehicles registered after that date, van tax depends on whether or not it falls into Euro 4 or Euro 5 rating:

  From 1st April 2016
Euro 4 (registered between 1.3.03 to 21.12.06 only) Annual £140.00
6 Months £77.00
Euro 5 (registered  from 1.1.09 onwards) Annual £140.00
6 Months £77.00
All others outside of these dates Annual £230.00
6 Months £126.50


  From 1st April 2016
  Up to 1549cc 1550cc +
Before March 2001 Annual £140.00 £230.00
6 Months £77.00 £126.50




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