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...and save a small fortune!

Compare Car Insurance: Compare over 140 car insurers and get the cheapest quote


With the economy still very much in the doldrums, with household bills and food prices continually seeming to rise and with prices at the pump soaring to record levels, wouldn’t it be superb if you could find some way to fight inflation and SAVE money?!


The UK car insurance market is one of the most competitive in the world providing access to low car insurance premiums and potentially vast savings. So don’t automatically renew your car insurance policy as in virtually all cases there are considerable savings to be made!


We’ve researched and devised a simple 3-step car insurance comparison process that will in the majority of cases helps drive down the cost of car insurance premiums. Save serious £££££ by following the steps below:

Step 3: Be sure you have the cheapest car insurance quote

Step 2: Combine these comparison sites in the following order

Step 1: Do your homework and reduce your risk

Finally you won’t find the UK’s Number 1 car insurer Direct Line (click here for a quote) on any comparison websites. Fact is, if you don’t run a quote from them you can’t guarantee the cheapest price for your car insurance.


It’s also important to note the excellent level of cover and benefits Direct Line are currently offering. As you'd expect, they offer an excellent no claims discount to reward the safest drivers. With 1 in 20 drivers still uninsured in the UK, Direct Line also offer priceless uninsured driver cover as standard on comprehensive policies. So to be certain of the best car insurance deal click here for a quote: Direct Line Car Insurance


So if you are happy with your quote and the likely savings, there are 2 further things to check before finally buying:


1) Using your saved quote, click through to the cheapest insurer and double check the quote. Occasionally they may vary slightly due to some assumptions made by the comparison site when communicating with its insurer network.


2) Examine the policy closely to ensure the policy has all the elements you were expecting like legal protection and courtesy car is included.


*Based on independent research by Consumer Intelligence during 1st February 2012 to 29th February 2012.

But here is the KEY!


Comparison sites don't all compare the same insurers, so the best strategy is to combine a number of them to maximise the chances of getting the cheapest quote available. We have carried out in-depth research that provides the optimum order to help get you the maximum number of quotes in the shortest possible time!


These top 3 sites compare 140 providers, that’s over 80% of the UK car insurers available on comparison websites:

Car insurance comparison sites distribute your details to a wide panel of insurers' and brokers' websites, scraping their data off the screens to report back the cheapest quote.
The first step to reducing the cost of your car insurance is to minimise your risk level.


It’s not a difficult process but you should take into account the following factors that will impact prospective insurer’s perception of the risk you pose.


....and finally another 5 minutes saves £££££
Tesco Compare
Tesco Compare has a panel of over 65 car insurers and brokers. Adding Tesco Compare to the process takes you over 80% of the total UK car insurance search.


Get a quote here: Tesco Compare
By investing 15 minutes of your time and combining 3 top comparison sites you have the cheapest quote from over 140 separate insurers and brokers. Well done!


.....a further 5 minutes saves £££££
By combining Compare the Market with Go Compare you have covered a whopping 79% of the insurers available on comparison sites in just 10 minutes!


Compare The Market’s panel of 80 insurers add some of the UK’s largest car insurance brands into the overall search and it only takes another 5 minutes.

Get a quote here: Compare The Market
Only 5 minutes saves £££££
Go Compare

99%* of people could save on their car insurance in only 5 minutes with Go Compare. They compare car insurance prices from a panel of over 125 brokers and direct insurers


Get a quote here: Go Compare
Using Go Compare alone covers 70% of insurers available on comparison websites
Tesco Compare


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