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The Chancellor announced in his budget speech on the 16th April 2016 that UK Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates, commonly known as road tax or car tax, would increase by the rate of inflation only for the tax year commencing April 2016. The amount of tax payable is based around the level of co2 emissions a car generates whilst driving, incorporating both new cars registered in 2016 and used cars registered on or after 1st March 2001. So, in essence, high polluting cars are penalised for the high levels of emissions they produce - up to £515 per annum for cars in the highest Band M - whereas drivers who drive economical cars are rewarded with low or free road tax. If you are looking to purchase a new low-emission then car check our full list of free road tax cars here.


Road Tax Explained


Below you'll find a simple table that lists all 13 Road Tax Bands and their respective charges. These prices are applicable for used cars valid from 1st April 2016 until any budget changes are announced in March 2017. We detail and explain the current road tax bands within the 2016 VED charging structure. If you're buying a new car in 2016 it's important to note that since April 2010 new cars are subject to a 'First Year Rate' - full details are available in our First Year Road Tax guide.


If you want to know the price of road tax you are liable to pay on your existing car then we have a specific used car Road Tax page to help you. It's also important to note that you can find your car's co2 emission data on your DLVA v5c Certificate which you can cross reference against the road tax prices table below.


  Up To 31.3.2016 From 1.4.2016  
  Petrol/Diesel Cars Petrol/Diesel Cars  Change 
Band A - Up to 100 CO2 g/km Annual £0.00 £0.00  - 
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band B 101-110 CO2 g/km Annual £20.00 £20.00 -
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band C 111-120 CO2 g/km Annual £30.00 £30.00 -
6 Months n/a n/a  
Band D 121-130 CO2 g/km Annual £110.00 £110.00 -
6 Months £60.50 £60.50  
Band E 131-140 CO2 g/km Annual £130.00 £130.00 -
6 Months £71.50 £71.50  
Band F 141-150 CO2 g/km Annual £145.00 £145.00 -
6 Months £79.75 £79.75  
Band G 151-165 CO2 g/km Annual £180.00 £185.00 +£5.00
6 Months £99.00 £101.75  
Band H 166-175 CO2 g/km Annual £205.00 £210.00 +£5.00
6 Months £112.75 £115.50  
Band I 176-185 CO2 g/km Annual £225.00 £230.00  +£5.00 
6 Months £123.75 £126.50  
Band J 186-200 CO2 g/km Annual £265.00 £270.00  +£5.00 
6 Months £145.75 £148.50  
Band K 201-225 CO2 g/km Annual £290.00 £295.00  +£5.00 
6 Months £156.75 £162.25  
Band L 226-255 CO2 g/km Annual £490.00 £500.00  +£10.00 
6 Months £266.75 £275.00  
Band M 256+ CO2 g/km Annual £500.00 £515.00  +£15.00 
6 Months £275.00 £283.25  


Road Tax by Car Type - From Supermini to 4x4


Most car buyers know the type of car they are in the market to purchase. Be that a funky city car, a stylish practical family car or the latest hi-tech 4x4. In the past 4 years car manufacturers have significantly reduced the co2 emissions across their ranges, and importantly across all car and fuel types, via a range of new technologies. We've built a number of car type road tax pages that allow easy comparison of the latest manufacturer offerings across the City Car, Supermini, Small Family, Family, Estate, Small MPV, MPV, Crossover and 4x4 car classes. So it's never been easier to find the lowest road tax car that's perfect for your needs.


Road Tax Bands A - C


Drivers looking to minimise their road tax costs should look at cars within the lowest three car tax bands, namely Bands A, B and C. Band A cars - those with emissions of 100 g/km or less - are free to drive both in the first year of registration and ongoing under current legislation. However it has to be pointed out that car manufacturers often charge more for these ultimate free road tax trim specifications. Sometimes you may find better value with Band B cars and Band C cars where manufacturer list prices may be lower but the cars still offer free first year and then respectively £20 (Band B) and £30 (Band C) per annum ongoing road tax costs. For those with bigger or executive sized car requirements, we also list Band D cars which again currently feature free first year road tax and an ongoing annual cost of £110 for 2016/17.


Cheapest Cars to Tax, Insure and Best MPG


In these tough economic times with high fuel costs and ever spiralling car insurance premiums, millions of UK motorists including young drivers, are searching for the most economic cars to drive. Low co2 emission cars not only benefit from cheaper road tax prices but intrinsically these models top our best miles per gallon cars 2016 list. If you want to see which family car has the best MPG performance, or find the 4x4 won't pinch your pocket, we also provide Best MPG by Car Type pages: 4x4, City Cars, Crossovers, Estate, Family, MPV 5 Seat, MPV 7 Seat, Small Family and Supermini.


Naturally car insurance also makes up a significant proportion of todays running costs and it's often true that cars in lower tax bands are also in lower insurance groups. Lower insurance groups are great as the general rule is that the lower the insurance group the lower the insurance premium price (subject to your own circumstances of course). Our car insurance groups explained page provides key information around minimising premiums, plus if you're looking for a list of cheapest cars to tax and insure in 2016 look no further.


So just how much will your current car, or that new car you are interested in buying, cost to insure? By running free car insurance comparisons on the leading car insurance comparison websites, you’ll cover off up to 80% of all car insurers and brokers in one go. Not bad for 5 minutes or so work on each website! Simple, quick and guarantees peace of mind that you have got a market-leading car insurance price: Go Compare




Published 30.3.2016

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